Russian Su-35 Pilot Says He Intercepted US F-22 Raptor Over Syria

September 25, 2018


Russian Su-35 Pilot Says He Intercepted US F-22 Raptor Over Syria…/russian-su-35-pilot-says-he-int… // 
The well-known military analysis site Defence-Blog reported on Monday that a Russian Su-35S fighter jet intercepted a U.S. F-22 Raptor combat aircraft over Syria recently. If confirmed it would be hugely significant given the fact that the F-22 is the Pentagon's most advanced stealth fighter.


 The report originated through a retired Russian pilot's Instagram account and was subsequently analyzed by Defence Blog; however the Pentagon is denying the accuracy the claim. The Russian pilot reportedly flies an Su-35, considered Russia's top jet fighter, and the pilot posted pictures claiming to show a US F-22 Raptor stealth jet flying above Syria, with the Russian pilot in firing position.The Su-35 pilot claims to have locked on to the F-22 during the intercept and has posted the photos as proof, but neither Russia nor the US has acknowledged the event.

“Photographs, made by the infrared search and track fire control system of the Russian Su-35S, shows in (SIC) infrared spectrum an F-22 Raptor fighter jet flying over Syria,” the Defence Blog reported.

The technical details as to how the Su-35 could have located the stealth fighter are summarized by Defence Blog as follows:

The Su-35S infrared search and track system called the OLS-35 and includes an infrared sensor, laser rangefinder, target designator and television camera. This system to determine the general position of aircraft within a fifty-kilometer radius—potentially quite useful for detecting stealth aircraft, such as F-22, at shorter ranges.

The systems scans the airspace ahead of the jet for heat signatures caused by aircraft engines and/or plane’s surface friction caused by the aircraft flying through the air.

The infrared search and track system is further identified as a recent upgrade to the Russian fighters, and though the F-22's stealth wasn't necessarily breached, the Russian heat-sensing system could theoretically narrow the stealth plane down to a targetable position at close range. 

But military analysts have described attempting to track a stealth aircraft with the capabilities of the F-22 with this type of thermal imaging technology like "looking through a drinking straw."

F-22 Fighter via US Air Force


The Russian pilot provided the following commentary with the post, according to Business Insider's translation: "F-22 was arrogant and was punished after a short air battle, for which of course it got fucked."

Meanwhile a Pentagon official has responded to the claim, suggesting it's Russian disinformation:

Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon told Business Insider that he was "unable to verify the claims made on Instagram," but pointed out that "Russia has been conducting a concentrated disinformation campaign in Syria to sow confusion and undercut US and allied efforts there."

Should the lock have occurred, the US F-22 pilot would have been alerted by the enemy weapon; however, it's likely not something the Pentagon would have every wanted publicized. 

Over the past week, the skies over Syria have become significantly more dangerous after the last Tuesday downing of a Russian reconnaissance plane with 15 crew members on board in a case of "friendly" fire following confusion amidst large-scale Israeli air strikes on Syria. 

Russia on Monday announced it plans to supply Damascus with its advanced S-300 anti-aircraft system, which both Israeli and US officials have called a serious provocation. 



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