Smart Dust Redux: Programmable matter is here

September 27, 2018

Smart Dust was a concept originated out of a research project by the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Research And Development Corporation (RAND) in the early 1990s. Nanometer-scale computer systems have been the holy grail of nano-particle technology and has matured to a state of complexity that boggles modern comprehension. Typically Smart Dust is made of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) or "micro-machines". Today this technology has matured into artificial shape changing molecules, giving Sci-Fi movies on the silver screen a whole new perspective. The "Transformer" franchise in Hollywood's arsenal of Sci-Fi entertainment is actually becoming scientific fact from the microscopic to the macroscopic levels of understanding. Since the 90s Smart Dust has evolved in its own right making a whole lot of evolutionary breakthroughs over the last 20 plus years. 

This technological achievement is basically self-reconfigurable micro-machines which are modular robots with variable polymorphic capabilities. They can deliberately change their own shape by rearranging the connectivity of their parts, in order to adapt to new circumstances, perform new tasks, or recover from damage. Being modular by design these particles can be arrange in unlimited configurations. What's even more mind blowing is Smart Dust can detect light sources, vibrations, sensor capabilities, temperatures and can even be compiled into devices that can see, hear, transmit and receive information from remote locations. It's hard to imagine that a dust particle can collect data such as heart rates, blood flow, pressure sensing, perform optical observations and a myriad of other tasks and capabilities, but its here and we need to get ready for it. 

To further the understanding of there capabilities, the latest generation of Smart Dust can essential be arrange to create artificial life forms, which makes biological cloning technology completely obsolete. While the general public is amazed and stupefied over buzz words such as Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning algorithms - these are technologies which are considered passe within the governments compartmentalized special projects apparatus. The latest incarnation of Smart Dust is simply years beyond anything imaginable to the surface dwellers known as civilization. Today, Smart Dust is much more sophisticated and has gone from dust size to the sub-atomic level called Smart Matter. Typically any technology that is introduced to the consumer end user is considered ancient by the time it reaches retail commerce. Smart Particles are nothing new, but the technology is growing in leaps and bounds. 



What the average person on the planet either fails to realize or remember, is the fact that the Military Industrial Complexes in the western world (particularly the United States) are on average 75 to 100 years ahead of any visible technology that's been developed and trickled down to the consumer. To put that into perspective, mankind went from horse and buggy to putting man on the moon in just 100 years. So if that doesn't give you an idea of what's brewing under our noses, nothing will. On a side note, most UFO sightings are terrestrial by design and I stress the word "most" as not all UFO's are. One can surmise with pretty accurate conclusions that Smart Matter is part of the UFO equation since the TR3B which is obsolete, but is rumored with an almost certainty to have used Smart Matter technology to create the symbiotic alloys, telemetry and anti-gravitic IO systems from reversed engineering of off world technology. 

Unfortunately these intelligent nano-particle systems that make up Smart Dust or Smart Matter, was original designed for military applications and therefore they have been weaponized and we all can pretty much assume they are here to stay. However, this is where things take a turn into the Twilight Zone - The latest endeavors in Smart Dust technology has become so sophisticated that there are now Smart Particles and Smart Matter that are sub atomic in design that are basically Artificial Atoms. Complex life forms can now be completely artificial from the atomic level on up, rendering biological life forms such as you and I as a thing of the past. Moreover, the implications of smart molecules and atoms can be arranged to even destroy terrestrial and extraterrestrial biological entities at the sub atomic level or it can be scaled up into life size robotic combat systems that makes Skynet and thermonuclear war an archaic form of warfare of the past. 

Smart Dust is really just a nuance of other unlimited applicable configurations in the MEMS world. But, Smart Matter can morph and evolve into any shape such as nano size micro fighting machines, surveillance devices, inspection and monitoring devices just to name a few. Alternatively, they can stay suspended in air via air currents and jet streams gathering intelligence and information and use cloud based computing systems to relay that information to remote locations. It can be put into food, water, beverages, sprayed from aerosols, or even dispensed via chemtrail spraying. With the recent weather control rumors being propagated around the net, cloud seeding of the past could be today's Smart Particle Weather Modification Program. The implications are staggering to think about. From warfare to controlling the well being or demise in biological entities, these Smart Particles can be used for all kinds of "James Bond" espionage, assassinations and whatever else is left to the imagination. 

Smart Matter can scale up to everyday technology such as an automobile, airplanes, or even advanced symbiotic technologies revealed by the UFO communities. These intelligent dust particles can also interface with the human mind by embedding with neurotransmitters and synapses inside the brain itself. The applications are off the charts in modern understanding. The only thing preventing these technologies from emerging on a scale that could alter life as we know it, is the cost of deployment in mass. It's simply not cost effective to mass produce on a global scale, but be rest assured Smart Matter has been exploited in research labs and out in the field as DARPA has been known to play with it's experimental creations on the battlefield and has done so in most all it's theaters of operations. 

On the flip side of the coin, Smart Matter can also be used for the betterment of mankind as well. We can essentially cure any and all genetic defects and health issues. They can be injected intravenously, orally or even by breathing in these little nano sized micro-machines, then they can detect and wipe out diseases such as cancers to unclogging arteries and could basically cure any health issue within the body of any living thing. However, seeing how these debilitating impairments of the human condition is a cash cow for the health industry, I don't see any health issues ever being cured by Smart Particles and Intelligent Atoms on the common mouth breather. So far Big Pharma has that industry covered. If we are to see this tech making its way into the civilian world chances are it will be medical in nature at some point, but in a recent conversations, it's already being covertly deployed for deep state experimental purposes



Revelation 9; NanoTech, Mosquito-ROBOTS, DARPA Self Replicating SKYNET UNLEASHED

Several countries are developing nanoweapons that could unleash attacks using mini-nuclear b∅mbs and insect-like lethal robots. While it may be the stuff of science fiction today, the advancement of nanotechnology in the coming years will make it a bigger threat to humanity than conventional n∪clear weapons, according to an expert. The U.S., Russia and China are believed to be investing billions on nanowεapons research. "Nanobots are the real concern about wiping out humanity because they can be weapons of mass destruction


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