The absurdity of the dinosaur myth..

September 28, 2018


Once upon a time, physically impossible dinosaurs roamed the earth. Then 66.6 million years ago, a 6.66 mile wide meteor from a science-fiction galaxy far far away (66.6 billion "light-years" away , measured with a 66.6 billion light year measuring tape) in non-existent "outer space", impacted the non-existent globe earth fairy-tale, (said to have 66.6 feet of non-measurable curvature in a 10 square miles) as earth hurtled at 66,600 mph around the sun, tilted at 66.6 degrees, while leaving no trace of the mythical meteor on Earth. Bruce Willis wasn't available to prevent it.

Temperatures soared as Volcanic eruptions of molten rock, lava and firestorms ensued, along with massive all-encompassing tsunamis. Debris & soot rained from the inescapable night of the perpetually darkened sky around the world, blocking out the sun's light, for 6.66 years. (Sounds better with a Morgan Freeman voice-over).

Temperatures dropped to exactly 3.3 degrees of chilling darkness, (determined millions of years before the thermometer was invented & millions of years after anyone could possibly determine anything about it), killing off almost all plant and animal life that nourished earth's entire food chain web..

All Dinosaurs then became extinct along with most species of animal and plant life, EXCEPT all the millions of different species that miraculously survived to still exist today, that somehow didn't require light, or the food chain in order to survive, and which were immune to extinction level temperatures & cataclysmic conditions. This included the fish that evolved into apes, that then evolved into our ancestral grandparents..

Then the extinct Dinosaurs, all of which Scientists have suddenly decided all had feathers, (just to fill another missing link in their equally proofless "evolution" fairy-tale theory) as we all remember from school images of feathered dinosaurs, then evolved into modern birds, AFTER becoming extinct!

The alleged 7 ton, 50 foot long, extinct T-Rex, for example, (of which no complete skeleton or skull has ever been found, nor any museum's claimed fossils kept locked up out of sight, ever independently verified as authentic, which is why all displays are theme-park style replicas), scientists now claim, then evolved into a chicken (which is why they had to claim dinosaurs had feathers)!

Scientists have proven this due to the fact that chicken tastes just like dinosaur. This is the unquestionable word of Scientism. Amen.


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