September 29, 2018

Many thousands of NAZIs dressed-up like PRIESTS and were given visas by the VATICAN and foreign embassies to travel to LATIN AMERICA... By the 1950s there was more than 3,000,000 Deutsche Marks [about $1m dollars] per MONTH being paid in official German government pensions to former NAZIs in Latin America]. THE ANGEL OF DEATH, Dr Joseph Mengele set-up a 'front' business with a jewish entrepreneur, whilst still conducting experiments in eugenics in Panama & Argentina... And in Chile, a 55 SQAURE MILE PRIVATE COUNTRY - yes a whole new nation - was set-up with underground bunkers where victims, including children, were TORTURED by NAZIS and the children of NAZIS - they strutted around in Germanic uniforms, and you had to show your passport at the gates. When this COLONY OF DIGNITY was exposed in my posts and in other people's books they changed the name to BAVARIAN VILLAGE and pretended it was a holiday camp! You can learn all about the way Latin America has been infested by NAZIs pretending to be priests and nuns on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL.



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