Western Media, a Propaganda Tool - Lars Jørgensen, Herland Report TV (HTV)

October 1, 2018

I was shocked to find out that much of what we hear in the Western media is pure propaganda, says Danish sociologist and journalist, Lars Jørgensen. 


Jørgensen states: "I started following the events in Greece and I saw that the media had a completely different version of what was going on.

It shocked me. I was in touch with the main players there, and they told me a completely different versions. When Greece died or was killed in 20165, I began following the events in Syria. It was very difficult to understand what was happening.


I could understand that some of the reporting was not very accurate, and that there could be propaganda at some level. I had had this same propaganda spilled over me for years. So, it was difficult for me to accept that Bashar al-Assad was a somewhat good politician that wanted the best for his people. I could not accept it. I had this demonized version of the image of him, so it took me at least a year, reading reports, before I started thinking "perhaps, he is not such a bad guy.


This is how the propaganda works, it puts in people such a bad feeling about these people." "Jugoslavia happened twenty years ago, but we have had the same business model, you may say, the same propaganda, the same goals behind the Western nations, the EU then as now." The Herland Report is a Scandinavian initiative, reaching millions yearly, presenting leading intellectuals' view on foreign policy, current affairs, religion, the Middle East, Western decadence - free from the censoring political correctness that now permeate Western media and its political propaganda.


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