It didn’t take long for a Canadian to be ticketed for smoking cannabis while driving

October 18, 2018

Ah.. now we find out the TRUE reason behind the loosening of pot rules. Yet another way to fine and exploit citizens. "That'll be $672, sir. You have yourself a nice day." Wow... you think perhaps liberals are in power? And I dont even use the stuff. Liberals are the most creative exploiters of money since the mob. In fact they are the mob. Liberals... stick their foot out as you walk past... fine/tax you for tripping on it.


Weed is now legal, but a number of things surrounding the recreational drug remain illegal.

That includes driving while high and it absolutely includes smoking while driving.

One person found that out the hard way on the morning of legalization.


Winnipeg Police shared to their Twitter account that they handed out a ticket for consuming cannabis in a motor vehicle on a highway early this morning.

“Just like alcohol, consuming cannabis is legal,” said the tweet, “and like alcohol, consuming it in your vehicle is **not**.”


The ticket was for $672, but the police department didn’t reveal whether the guilty party was allowed to keep driving or if their car was towed.








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