What You MISSED About The World's TALLEST Statue!

November 1, 2018




On Wed. October 31st, 2018, the world’s tallest statue was finally unveiled in India along the Narmada River in the western state of Gujarat. This bronze statue — Also known as the “Statue of Unity” — pays tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a leader of the Indian independence movement who helped wrest the country from British control.


Vallabhbhai Patel served as the first deputy Prime Minister of India, a senior leader of the Indian National Congress, and one of the “founders of the Republic of India.” According to Only Kashmir, Patel is also known as the “Unifier of India.” Hence the Statue of Unity dedicated to Patel, on the 143rd anniversary of Patel’s birthday. Interestingly enough, this statue is also twice the size of the Statue of Liberty that’s located in New York.


Now is it a surprise or coincidence how the Statue of UNITY was erected during the time of Karnataka Rajyotsava — Also known as FORMATION DAY for the Kannada language-speaking regions of South India, who merged to form the Indian state of Karnataka?


We mustn’t forget how this event also coincides with rituals and celebrations such as Samhain in the northern hemisphere, Beltane in the southern hemisphere, and All Saints Day on November 1st. The statue itself was commemorated on the EXACT same day as Halloween, along with the Mexican celebration known as “Day of the Dead” also taking place during this time.


And let’s not forget about last Halloween — wherein talk show host Wendy Williams “fainted” on a live taping of the show, dressed as the “STATUE OF LIBERTY.” Not to mention how this is weeks following "Hurricane Michael" — automatically reminding us of Revelation 12 and the Sign that occurred back on Sat. September 23rd, 2017.


Could this be another Illuminati/world elite ritual — conditioning us for the FORMATION of their New World Order, with Beyoncé’s FORMATION? Could all of this be foreshadowing the New World Order to come? Or is this just another mere coincidence?





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