Weather Warfare - Woolsey Fire + News by the Numbers

November 17, 2018

The truth about the wildfires raging in California is that they are intentional blazes, set by the same numeric code used to script our news, place government officials in office, and rig our professional sports. Learn the code of gematria to see this occulted layer of numerology and help rid the world of the evil that pervades it.




Government Suggests Culpability in Lynmouth Flood:


1952 Lynmouth Flood: 2004 Boscastle Flood:


Also covered: - Kevin McCarthy House Minority Election - Melania Calls for Firing of White House Official - New Jersey "House of Horror" - Jemel Robinson Murdered by Police - 'El Chapo' Trial Begins - Jim Acosta Banned from White House Gematrinator Blog:


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