The Elite Know What's Coming In 2019!!!

December 9, 2018

Illuminati Predictive Programming EXPOSED!



The Economist has officially released yet another cover for “The World in 2019.” However, the pre-release that came BEFORE THE ACTUAL COVER only showed the wording, along with a black background. According to The Economist website: “It will look ahead to the Trump administration’s prospects with a new Congress, the reality of Brexit, elections in India, Indonesia, Nigeria and across Europe, tech disruptions from AI and China (could 2019 mark “peak Sillicon Valley”?), space travel 50 years after the Moon landing and culture 500 years after Leonardo da Vinci.” — Even though we know BETTER than “space travel” and “moon landings!”


The actual cover itself reveals some very interesting depictions — including several allusions to Leonardo da Vinci and the Vitruvian Man, and other eerie symbolisms alluding to Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, a potential World War III scenario, facial recognition, South African general “elections,” law & order, balance, a potential stock market collapse, and even the Four Horsemen Of Revelation.


With all of this coinciding with the year 2019 and the 400-year prophecy soon to be fulfilled — And how 2019 is now the “Year of Return” according to the Ghanaian president, along with Congress passing the bill commemorating 400 years of slavery in the United States, the question still remains:


What Are They REALLY Getting Ready For?!?! THE TRUTH REVEALED!!! SEE THE SIGNS AHEAD OF TIME!!! YOUR ELITE KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TIME IT REALLY IS, BUT DO YOU?!?! PLEASE SEEK YAHUAH AND HIS TRUE SON YAHUSHA — AS AMERICA WILL SOON MOURN!! ALSO SEE — 400 YEAR PROPHECY COMPLETE IN 2019!!! ALSO SEE — THE TRUTH ABOUT “SOUTH AFRICA!” ALSO SEE — THE TRUTH ABOUT THE “MOON LANDINGS!” ALSO SEE — THE REAL “MARK OF THE BEAST!!” ALSO SEE — PROJECT BLUE BEAM!!! ALSO SEE — DENVER AIRPORT SYMBOLISM! ALSO SEE — ILLUMINATI CARD GAME SERIES! LEARN MORE! The Economist Cover 2019: H.R. 1242 (Congress Bill, 400 Years): MeToo Movement: Time’s Up Movement: Vitruvian Man: “South Africa” General “Elections” 2019: Kannaland Municipality: Eden District: Dictionary of South African Place Names (Page 108): De Virga 1411 Map (Garden Of Eden):

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