Ancient Art of Levitation | Cymatics, Fluid and Acoustic Frequencies

October 26, 2019

Ancient Art of Levitation | Cymatics, Fluid, and Acoustic Frequencies I am aware this subject has been covered by many before but I think I may be able to add something new to the current theories we have seen so far.


It seemed to me that previous explanations and experiments showed what we see in two-dimensional terms and yet sound waves are, like all vibrations three dimensional and more like bubbles than linear depictions.


I also wish to discuss the age-old idea that much of what we are looking for may be staring us in the face on carvings, written text, and sacred geometry.


To date, science has only been able to lift very light objects using what we have discovered in the field of standing waves. Although at this stage it may seem a little pedantic to state the obvious, waves do not stand, they dissipate outwards when placed in an open area.


What we see as ripples on a pond when we throw in a stone is, in fact, a three-dimensional effect being observed in a two-dimensional plane, this case the barrier between two mediums, that of water and air.


Keep that in mind as we take this journey into ancient levitation and if you stick with it you might see a new way to interpret ancient carvings and I anticipate your comments on some actual rock levitating footage you may not have seen before.


All this and more in this week's episode of exploring ancient levitation theories and methods... See you on the other side...                                                                                                             



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