Why is the state pushing harmful transgender agenda? And look what happened at a public meeting..

December 23, 2019




THE tragedy of 21st century liberation movements is seen most clearly in the issue of transgender equality. This is a strange ‘movement’, not only, as some might think, because it appears to ask for something that is biologically impossible. But because whereas past struggles for equality have faced the wrath of the powerful, the trans issue is not only being supported by state institutions it appears to be being pushed by them. 

"Them" is of course The satanic New World Order


It was brought home to me a few years ago while watching the Antiques Road. Presenter and BBC anchorwoman Fiona Bruce was interviewing Lauren Harries, formerly James Charles Harries, who I remembered as a curly haired child prodigy of antiques. But this felt less like an interview that a public service announcement for anyone who was not right on about trans people. ‘Look at me,’ Bruce seemed to be saying, ‘I’m cool about trans people and you should be too’.


Some of these issues are certainly open to debate and scrutiny but this is part of the problem; when it comes to the trans issue there appears to be no scope for dissent or debate.

This issue has taken on importance not because of the choices being made by a small number of adults but because in the last ten years the number of adolescent girls wanting to transition has increased by over 4000%.


Some argue that this is progress, that there has always been this desire, and that we now have a tolerant elite who are allowing teenagers to find their true selves. But this viewpoint is highly questionable. Rather than believing that this is a natural development, something that is intrinsic to a person and a matter of individual choice we need to recognise that this is a cultural and political phenomena.



Exploring the issue we find that this modern form of what is called Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria is largely gender specific, with far fewer boys seeking a transition. It is an adolescent desire that is often inspired by peers and by online activism. Perhaps most significantly, it is an issue that, as we can see from the examples above, is being not only allowed but often encouraged and embraced by adults in positions of authority in society.


The prevalence of suicide attempts among respondents to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey (NTDS), conducted by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and National Center for Transgender Equality, is 41 percent, which vastly exceeds the 4.6 percent of the overall U.S. population who report a lifetime suicide attempt, and is also higher than the 10-20 percent of lesbian, gay and bisexual adults who report ever attempting suicide. Much remains to be learned about underlying factors and which groups within the diverse population of transgender and gender non-conforming people are most at risk.  


American foundation for suicide prevention, The Wiliams Institute

Suicide Attempts among Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Adults FINDINGS OF THE NATIONAL TRANSGENDER DISCRIMINATION SURVEY 



The Famous Trangender kid Desmond dancing at a gay pride parade at age 8.

  • According to his official website, Desmond is a “performer, drag kid, awarded LGBTQ advocate, outspoken gay youth, editorial model, public speaker, founder of his own drag house, fashion designer, muse, and icon”.

However, despite these lofty titles, many consider Desmond’s entire act to be little more than child abuse and exploitation by unscrupulous adult handlers. The controversy surrounding Desmond reached another level when a video of him dancing at a gay bar for tips surfaced online, sparking a bitter debate online and in the media.

At the center of it all is an 11-year-old child who has been exposed to the world of drag since he was a toddler.

Michael Alig with "Desmond Is Amazing" Creepy Pedo Tea Party. Look at the creepy painting that writes Rohypnol and have a childs feet tied together it seems..



Look at what happened at this public meeting, I really hope it goes viral. 

After 20 minutes into the Bowen Centers indoctrination of endless genders... parents got up and left. This is what ensued from there.








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