Amber Plaster - Hello

December 24, 2019

Dear NASA, It's becoming one hundred percent crystal clear that you
And the other space programs that are in operation are connected
And are deceiving the entire world
More and more people are waking up every single day
And we are now able to see right through you
But what we really want to know is: Why are you lying?

Me and the great people of this earth


 Flat Earth Map In The Situation Room, The White House 1962,. They would have lost every single war using that map, if the earth was a globe...

 Flat Earth Map, The United Nations about the same time..


The encyclopedia Americana (1958 edition) Video Proof
 What The Hell Do You Think?

 Dr. Auguste Piccard Quote erased from Wikipedia 2018


To this day the Logo is a Flat Earth Map. But the flat earth society is a government construct and controlled opposition...


 They Are Mocking You


This verse video clip was made by Missa as well as is the amazing track by Brownish-yellow Plaster that both created as well as performed it. Any attack comments about the developer of the tune or video will probably be erased. Attempting to make the world a better location. Thanks.

Video was submitted with monetization turned off as well as quickly ut was copyright claimed by the copyright proprietors below. All advertisements have been added by them.


A Proof Of A Flat Plane


Hope you enjoy this Flat Earth Song...


Amber Plaster - Hello Flat Earth - HD Lyrics


Lyrics:Hello it’s me, you know indoctrination started when we were still naive.

Programming our beliefs that inertia is the reason we don’t feel the earth spinning. Hello can you hear me.


Did you ever stop to question a confession of gravity as a theory a funny thing for so long can be explained with buoyancy and density.The sun is closer that what they told us, not 90,000,000 miles away.


Hello from the inside I’m here to tell you NASA lies and there never was a space probe and those planets you’ve flown to are wondering stars.


Operation Fishbowl, there never was a South Pole.We’re surrounded by walls of ice and we clearly live inside of a glass dome. Hello, how are you?


Did you get a chance to join Flat Earth and globe discussion groups to discover all the truth how the sun the moon the stars are all revolving around you.


There’s no more secrets, the earth is stationary it is fixed immovable.Hello from the brighter side, they fooled you with their CGI.They are sending rockets into the sea.They are faking the live ISS feed.


No matter how high above. Horizons rise to eye level.Now I’ve found our worlds greatest fiction.










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