Presidential candidate CREEPY Joe Biden Groping Children And Young Women

March 11, 2020


Now that we know that many rulers are psychopathic pedophiles, it is new to see that there may finally be a democratic candidate who does not keep his behavior secret at all. He is honest when live on C-Span asking a 13 year old if she knows how horny he is while kissing her in front of rolling cameras.


Or when he asks a girl of 6 years if she's 17. Super cool with an honest pedophile and not all the "secrets" like from Barry Obama, The Clintons, Podestas etc, where they use words like pizza and hot dogs for small boys and girls. We remember how Barry Obama was flown for $ 65,000 hot dogs from Chicago to the White House, as it appeared in Wikileaks.


Now the american sheeple will have to vote for a 78 year old demented child molester, who want to take your "AR-14"(his own words) , thinks he is running for the Senate and that it is called super thursday.


And then of course he is open about his perversities. He is now also officially fighting sex abuse with Satanist and MK Ultra victim "Lady Gaga" and no it was not a joke!

Child Molester Joe Biden Teams Up With Lady Gaga To “Stop Sexual Assault”


It has been in the Washington Compost, MNLSD, Clinton's News Network, yes pretty much all the US big media, they just just forgot about it again or is it not important that the maybe future president rapes little babies? ..


The Danish media has never mentioned pedophilia in connection with big politics, but as you know, it is almost an epidemic ... Only Australian 60 minutes have revealed pedophilia, satanic child sacrifices and rape committed by a former PM and many other top politicians.


"Australian 60 Minutes Exposed the Worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network"


The Dog and Pony show continues as it has always done ... 🙈🙉🙊


And I know this is a Paul Joseph Watson video who was a Trump fan when he was on Infowars.

I am no fan of any political parasite...


#JoeBiden #Childmolester #2020 #UnitedStatespresidentialelection








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