The Coronavirus and the New World Order. “War is in the Air”

March 16, 2020

Time is out of joint…” – “Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark”. These two sentences by the English dramatist William Shakespeare from his tragedy Hamlet (Act I, Scene V and IV) come to mind when you look at current events and do not lose your nerve. The worldwide fear of a hitherto unknown but supposedly highly contagious and weapons-grade virus means that many people feel paralysed, public life in several states is crippled by governments, at the same time fundamental civil liberties are “honed” or severely restricted and also the military is brought into readiness. What is going on here? The former Soviet head of state Mikhail Gorbachev recently described the current political situation as extremely worrying. According to “Sputnik News” of 12.03.20 he wrote: “War is in the air.”

On 11th March 2020 the “Neue Rheinische Zeitung NRhZ” drew attention (in the article “Two Corona Mosaic Stones“) to a publication by the German government in January 2013: the “Information from the German government – Report on risk analysis in civil protection 2012” (printed matter 17/12051 of 3rd January 2013). In it, frightening similarities with what is currently happening can be seen – in particular by explicitly mentioning the “SARS coronavirus (CoV)”. The scenario presented, in which the spread, course, duration, mortality etc. are described, goes as far as to make a drastic restriction of fundamental rights necessary.


The scenario states in this respect:


“The competent authorities, first of all the public health authorities and  primarily the public health officers, must take measures to prevent communicable diseases. The IfSG [Infektionsschutzgesetz] allows, among other things, restrictions of basic rights (§16 IfSG), such as the right to inviolability of the home (Article 13 (1) GG). Within the framework of necessary protective measures, the fundamental right of personal freedom (Article 2 (2) sentence 2 GG) and the freedom of assembly (Article 8 GG) can also be restricted (§ 16 (5) to (8) and § 28 IfSG). In addition to these measures to be ordered directly by the public health officer, the Federal Ministry of Health can order by statutory order that threatened sections of the population have to take part in protective vaccinations or other measures of specific prophylaxis (Article 20 (6) IfSG), whereby the right to physical integrity (Article 2 (2) sentence 1 GG) can be restricted”.


Watch Pompeo's Strange Response To: Is The Coronavirus a HOAX!?


A further report from 9 March makes one sit up and take notice: Two months before the outbreak of the coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan, a group of experts conducted the pandemic simulation “Event 201”, which was organized by John Hopkins University in the US and came to alarming results. The aim was to test how governments and authorities would behave in the event of a global pandemic with “potentially catastrophic consequences” and what effects it could have. The virus used to do this was called CAPS: Coronavirus Associated Pulmonary Syndrome. It was estimated that 65 million people would die. (See this)


Has the ruling “elite” agreed to conduct a long-planned laboratory experiment with the civil society of the countries worldwide at the beginning of 2020? Which states and institutions are responsible for participating in this “sinister coup”? What role do the superpowers China, USA and Russia play?


Interestingly enough, China is now experiencing a decline in the number of infections and deaths. What is the role of the United Nations (UN), which has long had the NWO in mind? And what role in this dirty “game” has been assigned to the by no means independent World Health Organization (WHO)? Do we want to “drag” the current political system, seize power in the world and distract some of the world’s citizens from this geopolitical event? What is their aim?


Questions upon questions, to which we citizens and current “guinea pigs” demand an answer, in order to know what form of government or dictatorship is coming up in the near future and how we can react to it and how we have to arrange our lives.


In any case, we must not lose our thoughts and our heads in the present extremely difficult situation. That is what these dark forces want. It is urgent to think beyond the day and look ahead. Our thoughts are free (Cicero). Since many of us do not trust politicians and corporate media as well as certain social institutions, friendship with trustworthy fellow human beings and the practised mutual help becomes of ever greater and vital importance for each of us.


“Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur.” – “Sine amicitia vitam esse nullam.” Two quotations from Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 to 43 B.C.), politician, lawyer, writer and philosopher of Roman antiquity: “A safe friend is recognized in an uncertain situation.” – “Without friendship, life is nothing.”


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Dr. Rudolf Hänsel is a graduate psychologist and educationalist. 


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