Medical Experts on TV

July 22, 2020




"OMG this new virus has a 3% death rate!"

Conspiracy Theorists: "Actually it's closer to 1%"

... weeks later: "Oops you're right, it's 1/4 of a percent"


Medical Experts on TV: "This virus came from bats at a wet-market in China"

Conspiracy Theorists: "Actually it was made in a lab, and probably by Gates or Fauci"

... weeks later: "Ok you're right, it's man-made"

Investigative Journalists: "Yeah Fauci gave them 7.4 million dollars to make it"


Medical Experts on TV: "OMG the coronavirus deaths are increasing!"

Conspiracy Theorists: "That's because you're mislabeling the death certificates"

... weeks later: "Ok you're right, we fixed the stats on the CDC website"


Medical Experts on TV: "HydroxyChloroQuine (HCQ)? Bleach?? haha that's fake news!"

Conspiracy Theorists: "Other nations have used it with high success, and it was used in the last SARS outbreak of 2003"

... weeks later: "Oh snap we're getting sued by the AAPS (Association of American Physicians and Surgeons) for suppression of HCQ!"


Medical Experts on TV: "OMG the coronavirus is coming back with NEW CASES!"

Conspiracy Theorists: "That's because you're doing testing, and your tests are botched to generate false positives"

... weeks later: "Oops you're right, we conflated our Viral tests with the Antibody tests, and reported either positive as a 'New Case'"


Conspiracy Theorists: 5

Medical Experts on TV: 0

... so why are people still listening to these corporate shills disguised as "medical experts"? -

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